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Our mission is to inspire deep thought and meaning behind action. This core principle fuels the way we think and create. Our design process is methodical, and every decision we make has meaning. We sweat over the details, and we won’t sell a product we aren’t totally in love with. We answer to our customers and our consciences, not the bottom line.

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Fashion forward, unapologetically unique, and fearlessly authentic


Classy, sophisticated, and ready for adventure by land or by sea


Fresh take on a timeless classic; our flagship model is the perfect multipurpose wardrobe workhorse

Rooted Shade Family

I have a pair of both the Brooks and the Starbirds. I was stoked when the glasses first showed up at my door! These guys have an awesome product and a really amazing presentation out of the package. The sunny weather is here and I've been loving my glasses!

-Tom Beardmore

British Columbia, CA

What a brand! It felt like Christmas when my glases arrived home. I completely felt in love with the bamboo case and the natural materials. Everything is pefectly designed and details are what matters. Quality is amazing, but most important is that this brand is environmental conscious and nowadays it is something we all should take care about.

-Cristina Sanchez

Madrid, Spain

I love the Brooks sunglasses so much, I ended up ordering them in the natural bamboo as well as the brown bamboo frames! They are light and comfortable to wear, and the polarized lenses are huge plus. Looking forward to more styles from you!

-Corrie Kiefer

Denver, CO

Right from the first moment you feel that you get something special. You open the bamboo case and find their high quality shades. I love the wooden frame because you don’t even feel like you are wearing a pair of glasses. Plus you have the polarized lens which makes the world just look more colorful!

-Patrick Renner

Hafling, Italy

I got these pair of sunglasses and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The bamboo frames with the flex-fit spring hinged arms fit my face perfectly. The polarized lenses are amazing, as soon as I put them on seeing through the lenses felt like high quality lenses as if I was wearing a pair of $300 dollar Oakley’s!

-Nathalie Pena

Tampa, FL

Stoked on these new glasses! Love their sturdy lightweight design along with the dark shade of bamboo. Pleasantly surprised by the cleaning cloth and cloth carrying bag. Quality product, would buy again!

-Sam Woodward

Portland, ME

When I first received the glasses, I loved the bamboo box in which they come in. Last week I took them to the beach and I was very satisfied with the quality of the polarized lenses. The combination of the colors is perfect. Great buy, very satisfied with the product.

-Nino Thompson

Miami, FL

I bought two pairs, one for my brother and one for my bf. Both loved them! I was drawn not only to the look, but also to the company's style and vision. My next purchase is definitely going to be a pair for myself and will be on the look out for future Rooted Shade products!

-Deanna Castle

Canandaigua, NY

Baffled by how a pair of sunglasses can be so comfortable, feel so high quality, and look so stylish meanwhile being so affordable. I've had my pair for three days and have received more compliments than I can remember. Really glad I bought these, it's pretty cool to be a trendsetter now that Rooted Shade is taking off!

-Jamie Lane

Gorham, ME

Love my sunglasses. They are so comfortable and lightweight. The case is awesome and can fit in my purse. Worth every penny.

-Diane Brake

Camden, DE

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