Keep Your Roots


to stay grounded and true to your authentic self, to be conscious of who you are, daring in the pursuit of your passions, and resolute in defending your roots


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Conscious - Core Value of Rooted Shade


Daring - Core Value of Rooted Shade


Resolute - Core Value of Rooted Shade


Our Roots

We adhere to strict standards on the design, quality, and impact of all our products. Anything that does not meet or exceed our high standards will never make it out our door. That is our promise to you and to ourselves.

We strive to create eyewear that will look and feel incredible. The quality and comfort found in our sunglasses is unrivaled. The wood we use is both beautiful to the eye and comfortable to the touch. Our bold, polarized lenses provide superior protection and make an eye-catching statement.

In every decision we make, we are conscious of our impact on the environment. It is our strong belief that as a responsible company, we must protect and cherish it. For us, this means sustainably sourcing the wood we use for our products, and giving back more than we ever take, through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

These are our roots. We do not compromise on our ideals in the pursuit of profit. We answer to our customers and our consciences, not our bottom line. You will always find us here; here at our roots.

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